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Proud of our History

Kathleen’s Lodge was established over 40 years ago and has been passed down through three generations to the current owner, Angela Brown.   Both the home and its deep rooted family feel and history, have been an integral part of Kathleen’s Lodge ethos.

“Kathleen’s Lodge passed to me unexpectedly with the sudden passing of my mum in 2003.  My mother was pivotal in upholding the home’s excellent reputation and I believe her dedication to ensuring those in her care were treated with dignity and compassion was key to it’s success.  As far back as I can remember, I spent valuable time living and playing in the home, seeing first-hand how she cared for the residents and their needs, making it a real home from home. As a consequence I have lived and breathed care from a very early age and it is incredibly important to me that I continue to strive as my mother hoped, to become one of the leading Sussex EMI care homes delivering the best care available.

I am mindful that none of this can be achieved without the valued and dedicated support of care team and their managers.  Patient and professional, I am proud to call them part of the Kathleen’s Lodge family and I am always confident that they provide only the very best level of care for our residents.

My late mum worked hard to make sure that Kathleen’s Lodge became a home from home, that there was always a friendly and warm connection with our residents and that their care was tailored to their individual needs. I am proud that I can continue to uphold this philosophy in the home today.”

Angela Brown




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